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Backgound of an Ancient Land

The Link is to the Wikipedia entry for Australia and is mostly accurate as far as history etc goes BUT that does not describe the Australia of today.

If you visit the Charles Sturt University website for more information you'll get more links than you probably want. By the way, right click on these links and select open in new page or whatever your options are or you'll lose this site.

None of these pages really tell the story. Australia is a genuinely unique place. It has been isolated from the other continents for so long that there is a very real danger of visitors introducing pest plants, insects, animals etc which could totally devastate our agriculture and/or native flora & fauna. This is why Australia has one of the most stringent Quarantine inspection systems of any county on the planet. Check the AQIS
site out before visiting, no, seriously, if you attempt to bring in anythig that isn't permitted at best you will lose it at worst you could be fined or go to jail.

Having said that please don't panic and please do come visit Australia, we would love to show you around. Most visitors have such a wonderful time that they don't want to go home.

When you do come to Australia remember that there are risks and dangers for the careless and unwary, same as any other country. Follow the rules and take advice from the locals.

Buy and use a 30+ Sunblock, wear a hat, wear Polarising sunglasses, leave the flora and fauna alone, don't drive in the outback without taking extra precautions. Actually, read this book 'cause it has all the good information you'll need for your driving in Australia.

Places to Stay, Things to do.

This is where you can put in the details of where you went, how you got there, where you stayed, what it cost, what you did, how you liked it and other comments.

Or, if someone else has already been there and made a section, you can add your comments to what is already there.

RULES: If you play nice I will leave it alone. If you get offensive, I will take it down. So, no profanity, no abuse, no spam links, keep it real and useful for others and it'll all be good.

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