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Things to do after the trip.

After the trip I had a couple of things to check out. The first one is the water tank. Does it have a leak and if so where?

Crawling under the caravan showed me that I really didn't want to take the water tank out to check it so I had a really good look around first. I found that the drain plug appeared to be hitting the screw of the clamp on the fill tube, I was able to tighten it a bit more. I then filled the tank with water to look for leaks. The overflow works fine as evidenced by the water flowing out to the gutter.

Inside the van I was able to get the pump to deliver water so that bit was working OK. Leaving that for later checking I moved on to the next job.

Grey water hoses for caravans are usually the black crinkly type. When you roll these up to move to the next location they often retain liquid inside them which can get quite smelly at times. They are also a pain in the rear to handle as they seem to want to either remain coiled up or flick dirty water over you when you coil them back up.
Under the caravan

The solution is to not coil them up but to store them in conduit under the caravan. The Jayco has metal cross members between the main frame joists. These have 40mm slots in them. I tried to put 40mm water pipe in them and discovered that 40mm is the inside nominal diameter. I did some research and found that the water pipe sold as 32mm is a really nice fit in those slots.





conduit joins
I installed two lengths of 32mm PVC pipe into the frame of the Jayco. I couldn't get 6m lengths from Bunnings so I bought 4 3m lengths and two joiners. 6m is too long for my van but the multi-tool did a good job of shortening two of those lengths to fit. Even the joiners fit in the frame slots.






Hose keeper
The main grey water hose has a washer inside the threaded section and I didn't want the hoses to gradually fall out as I was travelling along so I made a retaining device. The other length of hose has a snap ring to keep it in place.




Keeping it in



Snap ring






grey water hose
You can see that the finished product can retain the grey water hose with ease. I have a rectangular downpipe bracket, slightly modified, keeping the two conduits together. What you don't see in these photos is the zip ties I put in later to keep the pipes bundled together and against one side of the slots.

The water tank is still holding water so testing again over the next week should prove the point, make sure you do up the drain plug tight.

The next job was some small brackets on my new tool box so I can tie that down in the back of the Pajero but still open it to access the tools. Quickly and easily done. No photos but I used the brackets usually used for those wire rails on some balconies. Drill some holes, cut the bolts shorter, bolt together with locking washers and tie the tool box down. All good.

The final job for the day was to put the cot together so the new grandies have somewhere to sleep should that ever be required.

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